Jackson Bunn

Keyboardist, Composer, Arranger, Teacher

SLE Chorus Songs and Music

Please review and practice these karaoke tracks that we will be using in the upcoming shows!!

1. Life is a Highway Karaoke-     

2. Christmas Island Karaoke-    

3. Drivin' My Life Away Karaoke- 

4. Route 66 Karaoke- 

Practice Songs by clicking the links below:

Download Lyrics- Christmas Island Revised.docx    Download Songs-Christmas Island Karaoke.mp3
                                  Drivin' My Life Away Lyrics.docx                             Drivin' My Life Away Karaoke.m4a
                                  Route 66.docx                                                             Route 66 Fast.m4a
                                  Eye of the Tiger.docx                                                  Eye of the Tiger 2019.mp3 verses 1,2 and chorus only
                                  Life Is A Highway.docx                                              Life Is A Highway Chorus Vocals.mp3